This occurs when you cannot change the channel and it freezes. The only think to do is to reboot the set top box by removing the power cord for 5 seconds and putting it back into the back ofthe box.
This is a low level communication failure. Usually occurs when the signal to the converter box is weak. Have comcast send a "refresh signal." Sometimes if you have extra equipment attached ot the box, it will also cut the signal. It could also be a bad splitter.

Problem connecting to live TV. The Connection message stays on too long. This indicates that your system Froze. Generally, rebooting will fix this problem but it is mainly a software problem and the program controlling this really needs to be recoded. It appears to be a widespread issue.

This message is usually caused by the box itself. Call Comcast and get a new box.
This is a DVR problem.The DVR is a two way device. Something got corrupted either coming or going. It could be that the DVR got deactivated and needs to be reactivated, you may need a new DVR or there actually might be some emergency repair/maintenance going on (but usually this is in the wee hours of the evening). It is also possible that new wiring one or both ways need to be installed.

If this happens, reprogram the PageUp button toast forward 30 seconds:
1. Press the EXIT button 3 times
2. Press 0030
The PgUp button now skips forward 30 seconds. PgDn goes back 15 seconds.

Generally the PgUp moves forward 5 seconds (0500).

This comes up when you try to go to a channel that you are not paying for. For example, if you don't have STARZ, and try to view one of these movie channels, you will get this notice. In our community, unless you are paying for extra like Digital Preferred, there will be channels that you are not subscribed for.
Reboot the set top box. If this doesn't work, call the Comcast dedicated support line at 1-877-896-8678
It appears that you are missing your Network Name (SSID) on one of your devices. Reconnect the device and configure it to your wireless network. If you are not sure, call Comcast and tell them to walk you through it.
Call Comcast support line (see above) and tell them that an Error 7 has occured. If they are clueless, ask for a supervisor.
This is an XRE error. Usually it is fixed with a reboot of the box.There are several "not quite right" messages and they try to tell you how to fix it. If all else fails, call Comcast.
Three dots stay on your screen. Sometimes it has a station logo. Reboot, or have comcast send a better signal. The signal is weakened.

1. Hold down exit button for more than 5 seconds
2. Press the down arrow twice
3. Press 2

(This will bring up the hidden system menu)
4. Down to system and right arrow to page 5 of 9
Downstream received should be between 8 and -8
Downstream SNR should be over 35
Upstream Power should be between 35 and 51

Could also be a connection problem:

screw all cables from amp to box, then screwed them all back in, also power cycled the amp and box again




This happens around 2AM when Comcast decided to update the software on the set top box. Just click restart and let it go through its paces.
If this happens all of the sudden, then rebooting the box helps. Otherwise, it could be a bad cable attached to the box and needs to be changed.
If you get an error code at the bottom of your screen and need help, go to the link on the right. It will allow you to enter the code or the error message and will try to help you solve it ====================>


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