FRIDAY, MAY 21, 2019

ROLL CALL:   Beverly Rosendorf, Bonny Kramer, Lauren Wahl, Walter Kastell and Jules Schlesinger.
ABSENT: Debbi Aizenstain and Debra Lipian
Bonny Kramer made a motion to dispense with the reading and accept the Minutes of April 16, 2019 as presented. Jules Schlesinger seconded the motion. Minutes were accepted.
TREASURER’S REPORT – Jules Schlesinger
As of April 30, 2019:

Total Operating Funds………………………………..$183,695.26
Total Reserve Funds……………………………………    58,486.52
Total Other Current Assets…………………………     71,323.51

TOTAL ASSETS……………………………………………$313,505.29

Total Current Liabilities……………………………..$151,582.71
Total Reserve Funds…………………………………..    58,486.52
Total Equity……………………………………………….  103,436.06
Total Liabilities & Equity                                   $255,018.77

PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Beverly Rosendorf
With regard to the renovations, at a special Board meeting yesterday we approved a budget of 2.2 million dollars. This did not include the wet area or the theater.
We will have an auction for the residents. If you are interested in anything write a bid on a piece of paper and turn it into Merle. If two people want the same item it will go to the one who bids the highest. Anything that is purchased has to be removed within twenty four hours.
On June 1st Sagerman’s will be coming in to hold a public auction.
On June 2nd the Clubhouse will be shutting down. You will be able to get in touch with everyone by telephone. If you need to come in you will have to meet us at one of the doors that is accessible to the staff.
We are looking into other venues for Royal Landings meetings and clubs. The Civic Center has rooms that can be rented out and it does not cost an overwhelming amount of money. Beverly will keep the residents posted.
We are going to have a small reception area in the wet area set up for residents.
With regard to the fitness program you will be going to Huntington Pointe. They have six to nine classes of their own and we will be adding twelve classes of our own with our own instructors.
WEBSITE – Beverly Rosendorf
We went live a few weeks ago with our new website. There will be classes for the website. Tomorrow there will be a sub admins class with manuals so they can follow.  Those people who are responsible for putting information on the website are called sub admins. There are sub admins for all of the seven local associations and there are sub admins for all of the clubs.  Next Wednesday and Thursday there are going to be classes for residents on how to use the website with handouts. Work orders and ARB’s will be put online and are also available manually.
MASTER BOARD MEETING – Beverly Rosendorf and Bonny Kramer
Yesterday’s meeting was a business meeting so we can go ahead with the renovation. Bonny said there was a lot of contention with the members of the Board. Bonny had to leave the Master Board meeting early and from what she was told things were resolved. There was a budget that was voted on. Stuart Davidoff reviewed each construction item that was going to be provided for us. The consensus was that they were not going to do the wish list which included the wet area and the theater. Once the second phase is done they can consider the new sliding front doors if there is money left over and then they can fulfill the wish list. The Café floor is included and there will be a little freshening up with paint. The Palm room will be freshened up also with paint and new curtains. Beverly said that Chris Feller will be hired as a Consultant to oversee things rather than having a Project Manager. Beverly will find out exactly what he will be doing and how much it will cost.
CAMPBELL REPORT – Greg Reardigan
Greg said we have two lighting proposals to install lights for the front of your houses over the garage door right above the numbers.   

TSI Electric: One proposal is for a 12” LED tape light fixture which costs $150/home. The other proposal is for a puck style LED light fixture that hooks up to your sensors and costs $160/home. The total cost is $17,100 as opposed to $18,240. Greg said the puck style lights are better. TSI Electric threw in the the entrance lights in the garden area with higher voltage and larger fixtures for no charge. He will install the lights on a couple of homes for no charge so you can see the difference. Bonny chose the first two homes 5823 and 5506 RL Drive to be done.  Beverly said the owners will be notified for approval of this.
Greg said we have sidewalks that are tripping hazards and need to be ground down. When we do projects like this in multiple communities Greg requested a bulk rate price and a reduction for doing more than one community at the same time.  Subsequently we have the opportunity to get a price break. The first price was close to $6,000 for all of the grinding that had to be done in Royal Landings. Greg was not happy with this price and will try to get it reduced approximately $1,200 if possible. Greg did call other companies for additional bids and will provide more information when he gets them.
LANDSCAPING – Bonny Kramer
Our Bismarck Palm that we planted last year is dying. PBBL knows about this and is replacing it at no cost. They asked Bonny to consider where she would like it planted and she would like to put it behind the hedges as opposed to where it is now, in front of the hedges because it will get huge in time. We will have it illuminated with the proper lighting for free if the electrical company will do this as we just discussed.
Sydelle Dombrowsky from Tuscany who is a master gardener has taken over as the Chairperson of the Coral Lake Landscape Committee. She is working with Nelson the landscape architect of PBBL and has driven around all of the entrances at all communities in Coral Lakes. She picked out flowers for all entrances that will be uniform in shades of lavender, pink, rose and white. They will do well in the summer in the sun and the heat.
We’ve exterminated 46 iguanas in10 days. We have about 2 ½ more weeks to go on the initial trapping and another month following that.  We are not catching them in the traps. AJ Cohen is the name of the exterminator. He is finding the iguanas by the canal and using a bb gun to kill them. They are in the grass and also on the roofs. He doesn’t want to shoot them on the roofs because of the skylights. We are making progress. He wounds some of them and follows them into the canal to make sure they are exterminated. He has traps on the canal side and traps on the lake side. They are moved every week. Only one iguana has been caught in a trap. Royal Landings is bothered more by iguanas than the other communities because we have a canal on both sides of our property plus the lake.
Duffy’s will begin trimming our trees Thursday May 30th through Monday June 3rd. All of the tree trimmers are Broward trained. We will have an arborist supervising every day and Bonny said she will be around. If any resident wants to they can call Bonny and tell her your concern and she will have the arborist do as much as they can to improve the situation. The rule in Palm Beach County is that 25% is all that can be cut back.
We got two estimates for hurricane clean-up. One from Duffy’s and one from PBBL. Both companies cost exactly the same. Bonny feels we should go with PBBL since they do all of the communities.  Bonny Kramer made a motion that in the event of a hurricane we use PBBL for hurricane clean up not to exceed $15,000. Beverly Rosendorf seconded the motion. All in favor.
Lauren thanked Carol and Mark on the Social Committee. Shelly and Barry Lomove are new residents at 5695 Royal Lakes Circle. Lauren said the Social Committee will be getting together to plan fun events going forward.

NEW BUSINESS: Beverly Rosendorf
There are no public estate sales, garage sales or public sales allowed in our HOA community. We cannot have the public coming in and you selling your wares from inside your house or your garage. It is against our dox and if you do this you will be fined.

Lauren Wahl made a motion to adjourn at 12:26PM. Bonny Kramer seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,
Janet Nidetch – Campbell Property Management