Access the Tips and Tricks for X1 App

  1. Press the xfinity button on your remote control.
  2. Using the right arrow button, scroll over to highlight Apps. Press the OK button.
    The Apps option (fifth of six from left to right) is highlighted on the menu, which appears below the picture.
  3. You will see two or three rows of apps. These are categorized as Dashboard Apps and Internet Apps. If you have accessed apps in the past, you may also see a Recent Apps category.
  4. Using the down arrow and right arrow buttons, scroll to highlight the Tips and Tricks for X1 tile. Press OK.
    Tips and Tricks for X1 option is furthest to the left under Xfinity.
  5. Using the up arrow and down arrow buttons, scroll through the list of available content. Highlight a tip or tutorial that interests you. Press OK.
    List of options for Tips and Tricks for X1 app appears; the tip on how to read a full show description is selected at the top of the list.
  6. Information will appear on the screen for the selection made. Some selections will also include an option to get further information such as Go To Settings. To select these options, simply scroll to highlight and press OK.
    The selected tip, read full show descriptions, is displayed with detailed information.
  7. Press Exit to return to standard TV viewing, or press Last to return to the Apps menu.

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