If you are using a wireless tablet, printer, phone, laptop of other device, you need to know your Network Name (SSID) and the password (also called Network key) assigned to your modem. You will find that on the side or bottom of you modem:

If you have a wire to the back of your computer from your modem, (you plugged your computer into your modem with the Ehternet cable) then you will be ready to go on that computer.

To set up a laptop computer:

1. On the right bottom of you taskbar, click on the wifi symbol
2. You will see a list of networks. Click on the one listed on the side of your modem.
3. Click Connect.
4. When it asks for a network key or password, put in the one on the side of your modem. If the password is all captial letters, then you need to use all capitals. The password is case sensitive so copy it exactly. Then click connect. Done!

To set up your iphone or ipad:

1. Press the Settings Icon.
2. Press on Wifi
3. It should find your network.
4. Press on the network name. It will ask for the password on your modem
5. Enter the password as you see it and press JOIN.


(Same as above. Each device including smartphones, androids, tablets have a settings button that will have an option that allows you to set up the device to your wireless network.)


1. On the tiny screen, press the menu or arrow key until you see settings
2.Select settings
3. Select Wireless setup

4. You will be told to press the WPS button (which is on the top of your modem) for a few seconds.
5. Put in the password into the screen of your printer.
6. Press Ok. It should find the network and be ready to go.